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There are many marketing tools, all of them are very useful in the field for which they were created, for digital marketing a website or web pages is essential as it is the basis of online marketing.

You may have some social networks where you can surely attract the attention of a potential client, however social networks only work for that, to attract people. Where are you going to bring them? This is where a website is necessary.

They say that today it is important to be present, be relevant and add value, the reality is that it always has been. Except that today it is also done in digital media.

Social networks are an excellent tool to generate traffic to your base digital tool, your website. The website is where you will have a relevant presence and generate value for your clients, but not only that, a website will help you cover specific, measurable, actionable, relevant and time-bound objectives that will give your company elements for making decisions about the direction of your company, which is why a website or web pages are the intelligent marketing tool and should be the basis of it.

Your site or web pages will help you in your marketing objectives intelligently.

Ser ESPECÍFICO: El detalle de la información debe ser suficiente para identificar problemas y oportunidades para su empresa. Debe ser lo suficientemente detallado para medir los problemas y oportunidades del mundo real.

Ser MEDIBLE: Se pueden aplicar atributos cuantitativos o cualitativos para crear métricas

Ser PROCESABLE: Se puede obtener información que se utilizará para mejorar el rendimiento de su empresa, servicios o productos.

Ser RELEVANTE: La información que usted obtiene de su sitio web, además de realizar labor de venta, se puede aplicar para resolver problemas o necesidades específicas que enfrentan su empresa o sus clientes.

Ser LIMITADO EN TIEMPO: Esto se refiere a que su sitio web atenderá necesidades en tiempos específicos limitados, por ejemplo en tiempos vacacionales de verano los clientes tienen necesidades especificas que no son las mismas que en tiempos de la temporada navideña.

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by Davyd Hdez

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